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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Q: What is the minimum age to sell/serve alcoholic liquor and can minors enter a bar?

A: Both answers are subject to local jurisdictional ordinances, but, at a minimum, the seller/server must be at least 18 years of age. Click on Legal FAQs for more information on this, and other frequently asked legal questions.

2. Q: I lost my renewal application. Can I still renew my liquor license online?

A: Yes. Please visit the MyTax Illinois Instructions page on this website to learn how to set up and access your online liquor license management account. Please allow approximately 3 to 7 business days for processing after online submission. Click on Licensing FAQs for more frequently asked licensing questions.

3. Q: I have received a notice that an “ROT Hold” has been placed on my license. What does this mean and how do I remove it?

A: You cannot renew your license when a “Retailers' Occupation Tax (ROT) Hold” is placed on your license by the Illinois Department of Revenue. Prior to renewing your license, please check your MyTax Illinois online account to review and pay any outstanding balance (visit the MyTax Illinois Instructions page on this website to learn how to set up and access your online liquor license management account) or call (217) 524-4796 to remove the hold:

4. Q: What signage is required for posting in my business and where can I order these signs?

A: All liquor retailers must post a government warning sign (alerting patrons to the dangers of drinking while pregnant) along with their liquor license and Illinois Business Tax (IBT) certificate. All signage must be framed and posted in a conspicuous place within the premises, such as behind the bar or at the point-of-sale. Other signage (including a “Proof of Age” sign and local liquor license) may also be required by your local jurisdictional authority. Please visit our Alcohol Retailer Licensee Informational Packet page to order the above mentioned signage. Additionally, some on-premise liquor retailers are required to prohibit firearms in their establishment (visit the Illinois State Police's Concealed Carry Signage Requirements web page) and post a human trafficking notice (visit the Illinois Dept. of Human Services' Human Trafficking Resource Center Notice Act​ web page), while tobacco retailers must post the required “Surgeon General’s Warning” and "Warning to Minors” signs.

5. Q: I lost my BASSET card, how do I get a replacement card?

A: Call the ILCC BASSET program at 312-814-0773 and have proof of identification to verify certification through a licensed BASSET provider. Those trained by a BASSET-approved provider since May 2015 can print their own card via the BASSET Card Lookup web feature. Click on BASSET FAQs for more frequently asked seller/serving training-related questions.

6. Q: What forms of identification are acceptable for purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages or tobacco products?

A: Acceptable ID’s include the following: A valid current driver’s license or photo ID card issued by the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office or any other State; a valid Armed Forces ID; and a valid U.S. passport or foreign passport (with U.S. travel visa) containing the holder’s photograph. Please note: If a license holder chooses to request identification, then they have the authority to refuse service if the written evidence of identification is not a U.S.-affiliated ID. Nevertheless, it is ultimately the license holder's choice on what they will accept. Of course, if they accept an ID that is not U.S.-affiliated, then they have no defense if the person turns out to be under 21.

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