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Advisory Opinion Requests

The ILCC offers the public the ability to submit Advisory Opinion Requests (AORs) to the ILCC Legal Division. The Advisory Opinion process permits the public to submit an inquiry on complex matters which may not be the subject of a published FAQ or statement from the Commission. ILCC staff review the request and respond accordingly. All Advisory Opinions are in response to a specific inquiry. Advisory Opinion Responses are not the official position of the Commission but are an indicator as to how ILCC staff analyze an issue. The ILCC does not have the statutory authority to issue Binding Opinions. Additionally, not all inquiries will receive a formal written response.

To submit an Advisory Opinion Request, complete the Advisory Opinion Request Form and send to


The tabs below contain an AOR form that can be filled out and submitted directly on the website, as well as a searchable database of previously issued Advisory Opinions from 2020 to present.

For the fastest response time, submit your advisory opinion request using the form below. A PDF version is also available to utilize.