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Section 7-9 of the Liquor Control Act of 1934 provides for the appeal of an order issued by a local liquor commission to be conducted by the ILCC (except for orders entered by the Chicago Liquor Commission).

Filing an Appeal: 

  1. Each appellant is required to file one copy of a Notice of Appeal. The framework of such Notice may be found here. The Notice should include the legal and factual basis for the appeal.
  2. In addition to the Notice of Appeal, if applicable, the appellant shall file:
    1. a copy of the citation and notice of hearing before the local liquor control commissioner, if any;
    2. a copy of the decision or order of the local liquor control commissioner;
    3. a copy of any local ordinances charged to be violated;
    4. the current State Retail Liquor License number of the establishment involved;
    5. a statement indicating whether or not the licensee has, within the last 12 month period, had a suspension or revocation placed upon the licensee, and if so, all the details relating to the suspension or revocation thereto.
  3. All appeals must contain e-mail contact information for all relevant parties.
  4. Each appeal should include a PDF version of any documents being filed.  The PDF version of the documents should be emailed to all relevant parties and the Illinois Liquor Control Commission at ILCC.LEGAL@ILLINOIS.GOV.  
  5. Once an appeal has been received, the ILCC will send a confirmation of receipt and additional instructions to the parties. 

If you have any further questions regarding the appeals process, please call our Legal Division at 312-814-2206.